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I specialized in fashion and textile design but after I graduated from the University of Arts London I choose my profession as a mixed media fine artist.


Since I was a child I moved one place to another and I couldn’t be developed a sense of belonging towards time and place but, I became increasingly a self-learner who wanders around and pick up to teach my self whatever my eye catches. Throughout my life this caused me to be under the influence of many disciplines and leads me to think without any molds and see the universe through forms and beliefs. This is a way journey and my art is the reaction of what I accumulate from living. Every work I do is alchemy of many ideas and skills, guided and weaved by my intuition. Therefore If I describe my self I can say that I am an autodidact-polymath artist who makes momentary journeys into times and places.


I am an expressionist and the philosophy of my artwork is to catch intuitive style and technique that are frequently juxtaposed between tradition disciplines with non-tradition one. Technically I am more in texture and depth and the way I use texture implies something about substance and esoteric metaphor. This experience is the reflection of multi-layered dimensions movement that recorded on the surfaces of the object, which was revealed by my desire for integration. In those reflections, there are both abstract and concrete compositions in geometric shapes of variety. The Forms are entirely organic and there is a sense of empathy for universal harmony that the audience can experience.


Makbule Yanar

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